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Asia Fashion Clothing Brands Challenging Western Labels

Asia Fashion Clothing Brands TodayAsia fashion clothing brands from South Korea, China, and Japan are becoming serious rivals of their Western peers. Asian consumers become increasingly confident in their own style and take pride in buying home-grown labels. Asian consumers are the world’s biggest spenders on high-end fashion, representing around half of the total buyers. Most of them are under 35. Internet-savvy, and increasingly on the hunt for small, cool, original brands that will make them stand out. And look different from their parents, fashion executives and retailers say. High quality is no longer the preserve of Western luxury brands, fashion experts say. And Asian fashion brands are attracting attention as they experiment with new textiles and materials, facilitated by their local manufacturing base.

Asia Fashion Clothing Today

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COVID-19 Pandemic and the Asian Fashion Clothing Industry

Covid-19 And Asia Fashion Clothing IndustryLatest Coronavirus News: The Asian garment sector is from the start of the new year 2021 at a critical moment, having been left shaking from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. While textile industry experts expect the region to continue to dominate global garment production in the future, they say the crisis will shape clothing and accessory manufacturing in Asia for years to come.