Top 10 Garment Clothing Wholesale Markets in Asia. China and India are the biggest countries in Asia. Both have a large demand and growth of the cloth market. Surat textile market and Xiliu Clothing Wholesale Market, Haicheng, Liaoning Province market are topmost largest cloth and clothing market. Surat textile market, New Delhi Chandani Chowk and Bhubaneshwar market Mumbai are top three textile market in India. Shopping is part of our life and Asian population day by day increase that reason cloth, garment and textile product demand increase local as well as international cloth garment market.

Top 10 Garment Clothing Markets in Asia

Top 10 Garment Clothing Markets in Asia. The growth of the textile wholesale market in Asia increases due to low cost, high infrastructure, government policy, tax, and local wholesale market demand consumption. there are so many new textile industries and markets developed in the last decade.

Surat Textile Market, Gujarat, India
Chandni Chowk Wholesale Market, Delhi, India
Xiliu Clothing Wholesale Market, Haicheng, China
– Crawford Market, Mumbai, India
– Chor Bazaar Market, Mumbai, India
– He Hua Chi Wholesale Market, Chengdu, China
– China Oriental Silk Market, Wusi, China Market
– Central Market, Delhi, India
– Arpora Night Market, Goa, India
– Hyderabad Cloth Market, Hyderabad, Pakistan