Seoul Clothing Wholesale Markets South Korea. Dongdaemun Wholesale & Retail Fashion Shopping Mecca in Seoul South Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district has 26 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. Within the ten blocks of the market area, you can find silks, clothes, shoes, sporting goods – and also plumbing and electrical supplies, electronics, office supplies, toys, and just about everything else imaginable. Ever since its opening in 1905, Dongdaemun Market has been one of the major markets in Korea, specializing in wholesale clothing. Actually, today in Dongdaemun Market, there are two types of stores: retail (for ordinary shoppers) and wholesale (for retailers or wholesale buyers). The market only had wholesale stores selling clothes and accessories to retailers at first. But as big shopping malls sprung up and the market expanded, shoppers other than retailers started to enjoy shopping at Dongdaemun Market as well. And nowadays, even ordinary shoppers stop by wholesale stores to buy clothes in bulk at wholesale prices.

Dongdaemun Market – Fashion Malls and Stores

Dongdaemun Market - Fashion Malls and StoresSeoul Clothing Wholesale Markets South Korea. Dongdaemun Market – Fashion Shops. The main street divides Dongdaemun Market into two sections. Section 1 is on the side where Doosan Tower is found, and Section 2 is on the side of Dongdaemun Stadium. Huge shopping malls in Section 1 basically sell wholesale and retail goods, but mostly deal with general customers and tourists at retail prices. Thus, they have convenient facilities like money exchanges and information desks with English speaking staff. Opening hours are also aimed at general customers, opening from 10 am to 5 am the next day. With a pleasant interior, and rhythmical music played all day long, shopping malls in Section 1 draw many young people every day. Various events organized by these shopping malls (7 or 8 pm) are also delightful. Sometimes you will get to see youth come up on the stage in front of the mall, dancing or singing. Wholesale stores don’t sell clothes in pieces. However, the price is much cheaper compared to retail stores. If you want to buy clothes in bulk, try visiting these malls and stores: Many of the popular wholesale stores are situated around Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) such as Dongdaemun Fashion Town, New Pyeonghwa Market, Designer Club, U:US, and more.

Pyounghwa (Pyeonghwa) Fashion Town Market

Pyounghwa (Pyeonghwa) Fashion Town MarketThe Pyounghwa Fashion Town market in Dongdaemun has been selling fashion clothing and accessories for over 50 years ever since the end of the Korean War. It was here that in 1953 North Korean refugees started selling clothes made from US army uniforms. Their market was then named Pyounghwa, which means peace, in the hope that no other wars would be fought on Korean soil.

The Pyounghwa Fashion Town was, therefore, the beginning of the 30,000 stores that now make up Dongdaemun Fashion Town, which is seen as one of the global centers of the fashion industry. Spread over a large area, this historical fashion market is divided into several districts, the ‘Gu Pyounghwa Fashion Town’ is the oldest, and there is also the ‘Shin Pyounghwa Fashion Town’, ‘Dong Pyounghwa Fashion Town’, and ‘Cheong Pyounghwa Fashion Town’.

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