Bangkok Fashion Wholesale Markets Thailand. Bobae clothing area, Pratunam fashion district, and Sampeng Textile market. Nowhere else in Asia can retail & wholesale buyers find such a fresh array of goods including women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, toys, gifts, decorative accessories, home textiles, footwear, fashion accessories, and personal care products than in the Bangkok wholesale markets. Three of the most well-known areas are Bobae market for fashion wholesale, Pratunam wholesale fashion centre, and Sampeng Lane, the local textile market. If you are searching for the best garments or apparel wholesale markets in Bangkok, like clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and more products, we will help you to navigate around.

Bobae Market and Bobae Tower

Bobae Market Wholesale Clothing BangkokBobae Market Wholesale and Retail is a well-known cheap clothing market, with both retail and wholesale clothing and accessories. The market area has two very large wholesale shopping areas, the Bobae Market, and the Bobae Tower. Bobae Market is famous for its wholesale clothing because of its quality and quantity. There are clothing materials available for both men and women and for little children as well. And you will be surprised at the very low prices on almost all types of clothing. Bobae Tower Wholesale Market houses more than 1000 shops. It is fully air-conditioned and they sell clothes and apparel from kids to adults and lots of accessories of all kinds. However, in Bangkok, there are no “wholesale only” clothing and accessories markets – each and every mall or market calling themselves wholesalers, sells both to consumers as well as wholesale buyers. Wholesale may often mean buying only 3 units of an item. So go bargain. Check out for jeans, beautiful blouses, and nice shirts for women, dress and casual shirts for men, and baby clothing especially for the export market.

Pratunam Market for Wholesale and Retail

Pratunam Market - Clothing Wholesale BangkokPratunam Market is Thailand’s largest clothing market. The market includes individual shopping complexes and a maze of narrow lanes. They are filled with thousands of small shops selling fashion wear and accessories in wholesale or retail. Pratunam Market is located in the center of Bangkok and a treasure trove of clothes, textiles, fashion accessories, and handmade crafts at cheap, wholesale, and retail prices, making this very busy market popular with locals, tourists, and bargain shoppers. Sometimes, the prices quoted are cheaper than the also very popular Chatuchak Weekend Market (Which generally speaking is not a wholesale market). In the Pratunam district, you will also find the very large and very popular Platinum Fashion Mall which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale. Of other wholesale malls in the Pratunam area, we can mention Krung Thong Plaza, which is a bit old, but well-known among local shoppers for its cheap and sometimes funny style clothes plus larger-sized clothing for men and women. The Palladium World Shopping Mall in Bangkok is one of Pratunam’s largest complexes, where you can shop for clothes and accessories at wholesale prices. This 5-floor building is within walking distance of Pratunam Market, Pantip Plaza (a famous electronics and IT mall), and the Platinum Mall.

Sampeng Lane Market – Accessories Wholesale

Sampeng Lane Bangkok Wholesale AccessoriesSampeng Lane is one of the oldest markets, it is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The market is divided into different sections 1. Accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes. 2. Ceramics, lanterns, paper products. 3. Textiles and fabrics, Indian bazaar. The hectic nature of Sampeng Lane Market is all part of the fun. It’s one of the cheapest places for shopping in Bangkok – enjoy impressive discounts when you buy in bulk (10 or more items). This daytime market is very busy, and the narrow lanes often become chaotic with rows of stalls peddling a wide range of goods. The steady flow of pedestrian traffic, pushcarts, old Vespa Scooters all add to the madness in this part of the always very busy Chinatown. Most products at Sampeng are selling at wholesale prices, so this place is always packed with people, especially local retailers who come and buy the products in bulk and resell them in other parts of both Bangkok and as well as upcountry. Due to space constraints, you can hardly find any clothes shops here. If you need to buy some nice and cheap clothes, go to the Bobae or Pratunam markets instead which is a few kilometers away from the Sampeng Market.

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