Taiwan Fashion Label MétaFormose Goes to Paris. An online-only boutique producing fashion at a studio in Taoyuan, Taiwan, has appeared in fashion publications like Elle.fr and British Vogue. MétaFormose is a little online-only boutique opened by Wanyun Chiu in 2012. She creates demi-couture (meaning each item is made to order and semi-customized to the customer’s measurements) out of her studio in Taoyuan – yes, Taoyuan – and sells to customers around the world. MétaFormose, a fantastic name combining “metamorphosis” and “Formosa,” has been mentioned in Elle.fr, British Vogue and a really popular South African blog named Miss Moss. Their clientele is made up of 60% regional (Asia-Pacific) customers and 40% international customers. The owner says she has been lucky in that they’ve been featured in several major publications/tastemakers.

Taiwan Fashion Label Goes to Paris

Wanyun Chiu says it is a collaborative project that she has been working on with Taiyuen textile and Umorfil for the last couple of months. Taiwan Fashion Label Goes to Paris. She says, that she had the great honor to be asked to design a few pieces using a new fabric co-developed by Taiyuen textile and Umorfil for the new season.