From Sydney to Seoul – Can Local Fashion Weeks go Global? Around the world in 80 fashion weeks. In very recent history, major fashion publications have reported from fashion weeks in cities as varied as Seoul, Medellín, Copenhagen, Sydney, Berlin, and Tbilisi, often at absolutely no cost. As with fashion week in Moscow, these events are younger and smaller than their establishment counterparts in New York, London, Milan, and Paris — the “Big Four,” which draw fashion heavyweights and A-list celebrities, not to mention drive the industry’s economy and conversation as they’re home to the world’s most powerful brands. The Big Four weren’t always so big, of course. It’s not unreasonable that what are now second-tier spectacles might work their way up to the big leagues, too.

Around the world in 80 fashion weeks

Before fashion shows became the high-speed, highly publicized affairs they are now, they were intimate salon performances. Continue reading here: Around the world in 80 fashion weeks. As their origins would suggest, runway shows are ultimately about business, and as brands’ sales models shift to accommodate a changing market, so must fashion weeks.