South Korean fashion industry try harder to boost designers. Why Seoul cannot join top fashion league. Riding on the popularity of “hallyu,” or the Korean Wave, the fashion industry is one of the sectors that the Korean government has been trying to boost as the next driving force of hallyu after K-pop. One of the things on the to-do list was to put Seoul Fashion Week into the world’s top fashion league alongside that of New York, London, Milan and Paris. However, the result seems never the nearer. Sara Maino, senior editor of Vogue Italy, said during a press seminar at the latest Seoul Fashion Week in March that Korean designers need to be more creative, curious and should travel a lot.

Why Seoul cannot join top fashion league

Over 80 percent of the purchases come from Chinese and Southeast Asian buyers, which is said to be propelled solely by star power as popular Korean celebrities wear local designers’ clothes on TV shows and soap operas broadcast overseas. Read more here: Why Seoul cannot join top fashion league. One of the reasons that Korean designers fail to pursue uniqueness in their clothes is plagiarism. Veteran designer Jang Kwang-hyo said that he often sees some of the young designers rip off hit designs from European runways, usually held two months earlier than the Seoul one, and apply them to their collection.

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