Social Media and Asia Fashion Industry. Social media for fashion and clothing has become an important online tool for information, communication, and collaboration in Asia. The large sales of mobile phones, tablets, and computers together with new social media technology and better internet connections in most Asian countries have helped the rise of several social media platforms in the last many years. Street fashion brands, high-end labels, clothing designers and fashion magazines are all using social media today. They are connecting with their audiences online and through mobile apps (software). The most used international platforms for fashion in Asia are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat. Fashion brands mostly target young people between 18 to 35 years of age. Our news Fashion Industry in Asia Must Go Digital is a must-read too.

Social Media – Fashion, WeChat, and TikTok in Asia

Social Media - Fashion, WeChat, and TikTok in AsiaLocal Asian fashion players, usually fast and fluent on local platforms, like WeChat, and TikTok, and global fashion players are widening the gap, as Western clothing giants are often slow to adapt in Asia and not as fluent as they need to be. Asian fashion brands have presently a strategic advantage over western clothing labels. In order to keep up, multinational fashion brands and retailers need to move faster, according to industry experts. Asia’s local social platforms continue to refine and pioneer new features at a spectacular pace, preparing to take over screen time from global giants. The same can be said about these “next-gen” social platforms being used by local Asian fashion companies. Not every fashion brand can be an early adopter and not every platform fits every clothing label, western or Asian, but when the time is right, it is crucial to be agile enough to implement a dedicated platform social strategy.

Social Media’s Influence on Fashion

Fashion woman model taking photo picture self-portrait on smartphoneSocial media has influenced the fashion industry more than any other industry. For the most part, fashion used to be a two-dimensional, one-sided industry. Brands put their clothing in magazines and users consumed ideas and inspiration by flipping through the pages. Models walked in fashion shows, and users hoped and prayed that part of it would be covered on television somewhere so they could watch. The fashion industry created the trendsetters and users followed the trends. Users didn’t have a say in what they were consuming, they could only opt-out of trends that they didn’t like. Social media has reframed this structure, allowing users to not only consume fashion but also contribute to it. Here’s how. Social Media’s Influence on Fashion. Read the article from The Fashion Network.

Social Media and Asia Fashion Industry. Vogue’s new fashion news show, was conceived in response to this tumultuous year. Fashion needs to change, and some of the industry’s biggest leaders are speaking about it. Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond has a candid conversation about his next move, his new project Friends in New York and why in fashion, “the old system just doesn’t…work.” Céline Semaan and other activists about fashion’s responsibility in creating a new culture around climate change, diversity, inclusion, and beyond.

Learn more about Fashion B2C and Clothing eCommerce in Asia

Useful-asia-fashion-linksBuying fashionable items on eCommerce sites is very popular among Asian online shoppers. Over the last couple of years, fashion shopping online has experienced rapid growth all over Asia. As the local Asian economies continue to develop, consumers are spending more and more time online and buying lots of clothing on B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sites.
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– ASEAN Online Shopping – 10 countries – ASEAN Online Fashion Shopping
– Middle East Online Shopping – 13 Countries – Middle East Muslim Dresses Online

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