Singapore Fashion Scene Singaporean News (ASEAN). Singapore consistently ranks among the top 10 most fashionable cities in surveys, and annually holds various fashion events. A key fashion highlight in the city is the Asia Fashion Exchange, which consist of a series of both trade and fashion events such as Star Creation, Blueprint, Asia Fashion Summit, Star Creation and AUDI Fashion Festival. Blueprint is an international trade show while Asia Fashion Summit is a business networking conference. AUDI Fashion Festival on the other hand, showcases top international designers and labels, while Star Creation aims to uncover Asian talents and provide them with the opportunity to launch their dreams in the creative fashion world. Local talents also shine at Parco next NEXT, which nurtures local design talent in an 18-month mentorship programme that aims to develop student labels into retail brands. To date,several designers are already exporting their labels. Among the most successful participants is Yun Ting Lee, the lead designer of Episene Parco next NEXT. Other local labels are also gaining acceptance by locals and foreigners alike as Singapore designs continue to grace the runways.

Southeast Asia’s Fashion Scene (ASEAN)

Southeast Asia’s fashion scene presents a varied mix. Singapore offers the hottest fashions, while Indonesia is on the cutting edge of Islamic designs. Malaysian and Thai fashion are quickly expanding into international wardrobes, while Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam’s fledgling fashion scenes are also gaining attention around the globe. Brunei designers are just coming into the limelight, while Lao’s fashion leans towards traditional wear, its young designers are beginning to make their mark. Meanwhile, Myanmar fashion mostly focuses on traditional styles. Several ASEAN countries hold yearly fashion weeks and apparel & accessories events and local labels are certainly worth a look.