Asian Clothing Designers - wearhouse.asiaDesigner at Learning, especially Young Asians studying at fashion school around the world.  Mainly they just mimic Western styles.  They should rather connect with their traditions back home. Or even better, inventing new expressions. But Asian design success is also partly to blame on the Asian consumer. They really must show the confidence and give more Asians a try.  Otherwise, there won’t be lots of a successful new designers who may become internationally recognized.

Even converting hard-earned recognition on the catwalk into building a successful brand is the biggest challenge facing every designer. The real difference between the new generation. Of any nationality. And those of the past.  Is that now their’ creative energy is invested in a mass of products from the start. This is in contrast to a previous system. Here the young starters  had great ideas for the catwalk. However, there was no instant, suitable for-sale garments. The development of the pre-collection. And new design of accessories has changed. So today the chance of success is much higher for young new-comers. Both in Asia. As well as around the globe.

International Designers Network (IDN) was launched for designers, designer groups and associations. To give opportunity to be in direct contact with manufacturers from around the world. International Designers Network offers as well information about global and local events. And assistance on practical problems. Like pricing, presentation or design protection in the different countries.

By Pranee Thongsuk