Asian Great Cities for Shopping AdventuresAsian Top Shopping Cities and Best Shopping Streets. When you read the news. Trying to find out which cites in Asia has the best shopping areas. You will see many different opinions, so we are not going to give you a Top 10 List of Shopping Cities in Asia. We will just provide you with good and reliable information. About each city we choose to write about. Let’s just give you a short briefing first. About a few places we think it worth writing about

Hong Kong is famed for its retail sector. Especially fashion, electronics, watches and jewellery. Indeed shopping is the major attraction here. Tokyo Japan is famous for its fashionable shopping districts.  Department stores and malls filled with high-end boutiques. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia manages to have low prices.  And a very good range of products and malls. In Beijing China there are plenty of bargain markets. Hundreds of backstreet boutiques filled with attractive wares. And, very important, with long shopping hours too

Singapore is a very lively cosmopolitan Asian city. Visitors will find a large selection of shops and international brands. Bangkok Thailand is one of Asia’s most well-known shopping cities. You can find both air-conditioned malls and the hustle and bustle of its street markets. In Seoul South Korea you can visit  the flea markets. Or any of the major fashion districts for a unique shopping experience. Delhi India is a consumer paradise. With lots market stalls, bazaars, shopping malls and street vendors

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By Pranee Thongsuk