Asia Fashion Online Shopping. Asia’s fashion-savvy shoppers wield considerable influence in the online space as the Asian consumers turn to digital sources to research and purchase their favorite clothing finds. A study on the shopping habits of consumers in Asia-Pacific found especially consumers in China are among the regions most active when it comes to buying and investigating clothing purchases online. According to a survey, 58% of internet users in China preferred to purchase clothing online, more than 30 percentage points higher than internet users in Singapore, the next closest market studied. As companies look for ways to capture more of this online fashion spending in Asia, blogs and social media are likely to be important marketing tools. In terms of the leading sources of fashion information.

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Asian Tmall of China and Luxury Soho eCommerceThe global COVID-19 pandemic has hastened many of the slow changes that were already underway in fashion in Asia and elsewhere, particularly among notoriously slow and hesitant to evolve luxury fashion companies. One of the things that are changing is that a lot of luxury brands that have been resistant to digital commerce are realizing that it’s here to stay. The Chinese Tmall has seen a number of brands, eagerly jumping onto its newly-launched off-price e-commerce platform Luxury Soho which launched in May 2020. Obviously, physical shopping isn’t going away, but a lot more luxury brands are becoming more open to e-commerce. In the future, digital transactions are expected to represent a significantly larger proportion of the overall luxury industry. Luxury’s e-commerce sales will likely double in the next five years. The current situation, with current store closures and travel restrictions, may serve to further accelerate the secular shift to online shopping.

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