ASEAN Clothing Shopping Online. As more Southeast Asian fashion consumers get online and shop clothes and other items online from smartphones, e-commerce in the region could jump to $88 billion by 2025, a 16-fold increase. That growth will be driven by an increase in the number of Internet users from 260 million to 480 million by 2020. Indonesia, the biggest economy in Southeast Asia, is projected to add Net users faster than any other country in the world. Despite such prospects, the region that also includes Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam attracted less than a fifth of the venture capital funding India received in 2014. There’s a potential $200 billion opportunity in Southeast Asia. Affordable smartphones and affordable data are really driving this revolution.

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ASEAN Clothing Shopping – Online Fashion StoresASEAN Clothing Shopping Online. ASEAN is a region of different markets, varying economic developments, and diverse cultures. The ASEAN fashion market is greatly influenced by the region’s rich history, diverse customs, and religions. Different cultures has been moulded into a gigantic melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Spanish, American, and indigenous Malay influences, making it one of the most interesting fashion scenes in the world. While the cultural and social diversity creates an expansive list of possibilities, it also poses a challenge for foreign brands and designers attempting to make inroads there.

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