Online Asia Fashion Shopping Sites. Retail Shopping Online and Asian eCommerce  Clothes, shoes and accessories tops the list. For items purchased online in Asia. in our region, a few countries has the highest spending power. Like Japan and South Korean, but increasingly also China. Large markets such as India and Indonesia are also catching up. While smaller market, like Cambodia and Laos have much lower eCommerce sales. A lot of consumers prefer shopping for fashion online rather than offline. Most consumers browse, research or compare products at apparel retailer’s websites before making a purchase. They then buy either online or in-store, if there is one in the neighborhood of course

Online Asia Fashion Clothing Shopping Sites

Online Asia Fashion Clothing Shopping SitesA growing number of Asian shoppers are using social networks to purchase products online. While m-commerce (purchases made via smartphones and tablets) is also gaining in importance. And more and more consumers are switching between channels when shopping for fashion. Quite many use the website only as a virtual shop window. One of the problems of shopping for clothing items online.  Buyers have to shop and pay before they actually see the goods. They worry about how well does the clothes fit. And how do they look in it? Sizes also wary from country to country. This is one reason why people may return their purchase to the web shop. Other consideration people may have is the material, color, texture. Together with general quality plus value-for money

Online Asia Fashion Clothing Goes High-Street

Online Asia Fashion Clothing Goes High-StreetActually, a new trend is happening right now in Europe and USA.  Online only retailers have begun moving into the offline shopping world. They are starting to open physical stores around in different cities. Just a few years ago, high-street shops and brands were told that they needed to be online in order to service shoppers. But today smart digital retailers are beginning to understand that they too need to have different ways of services their customers

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By Joern Nielsen