Myanmar Fashion Scene Rangoon News (ASEAN). Myanmar women continue to wear traditional skirts and tops, which vary among regions and ethnicities, though most produce extremely elegant creations for special events and holidays. The Silver Palaung women of Shan State wear red tube skirts (glahng) with multi-coloured stripes, and short, deep blue jackets over shiny blouses (sallows). Pa’O women, in the country’s northeast, wear black and intensely dark indigo loose-fitting cloth blouses with a dark jacket. In northernmost Myanmar, Kachin women don vermillion-toned woollen skirts, with coloured trellises and crosses, wrapped around the waist, and matching ankle-length stockings. They also put on tall caps with motifs, and black velvet jackets adorned with silver trinkets.

Southeast Asia’s Fashion Scene (ASEAN)

Southeast Asia’s fashion scene presents a varied mix. Singapore offers the hottest fashions, while Indonesia is on the cutting edge of Islamic designs. Malaysian and Thai fashion are quickly expanding into international wardrobes, while Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam’s fledgling fashion scenes are also gaining attention around the globe. Brunei designers are just coming into the limelight, while Lao’s fashion leans towards traditional wear, its young designers are beginning to make their mark. Meanwhile, Myanmar fashion mostly focuses on traditional styles. Several ASEAN countries hold yearly fashion weeks and apparel & accessories events and local labels are certainly worth a look.