Men’s latest modern fashion collection. Clothing for the modern man. POPULAR Spanish fashion brand Sfera highlights dynamic, up-to-the-minute fashion in a minimalist, modern setting in its latest collection for men. The Sfera Men line has a wide collection of wardrobe essentials made more interesting by contemporary twists. Jackets, cotton-knit jumpers, printed shirts and ankle-length trousers make for a fresh, casual look. Bomber jackets, hoodies and washed fabrics with faded colors add a trendy touch. Sfera’s SMART collection is designed for the sophisticated gentleman through pieces of classic tailoring and fabrics. There are blazers and trousers with sleek silhouettes, as well as garments with details on the neck, back-stitching and buttons in a range of blues, grays and neutral colors.

Fashion for the modern man

These two looks are complemented by a strong denim presence in washed fabrics, with indigo appearing in all of its shades. Read more here: Fashion for the modern man. Sfera, under Spain’s renowned El Corte Inglés Group, focuses on quality, variety in its collections and customer service.