Malaysia Fashion Scene Kuala Lumpur News (ASEAN). Malaysia’s population is mostly Islamic, and successful designers tend to stay within the religious boundaries, while mixing classic fabrication with modern cuts and styles. Still, the country has a local fashion scene that is growing and quite trendy. The 2012-2013 designs for women stress purple with sequins and organic fabrics, though white is still popular during the summer. The sequin craze applies to dresses and tops, with bronze, gold, or black as the colours of choice. Eco-friendly outfits came into vogue in 2012, and the trend is continuing to grow. In recent years, the annual Malaysian Fashion Week presents young Malaysian designers launching their brands, and most of the designs appear fresh and have a European flair. Islamic fashion has also taken a spot on the runways during the Muslim segment in Fashion Week.

Southeast Asia’s Fashion Scene (ASEAN)

Southeast Asia’s fashion scene presents a varied mix. Singapore offers the hottest fashions, while Indonesia is on the cutting edge of Islamic designs. Malaysian and Thai fashion are quickly expanding into international wardrobes, while Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam’s fledgling fashion scenes are also gaining attention around the globe. Brunei designers are just coming into the limelight, while Lao’s fashion leans towards traditional wear, its young designers are beginning to make their mark. Meanwhile, Myanmar fashion mostly focuses on traditional styles. Several ASEAN countries hold yearly fashion weeks and apparel & accessories events and local labels are certainly worth a look.