The Lotus Farm Cambodia – From Flower into Expensive Niche Fabric. Cambodian brand turns lotus flower into luxury fashion. In Cambodia’s rural west, an ethical fashion brand is turning the lotus flower into a highly sought-after – and rather expensive – niche fabric. On the large terrace of a traditional, stilted wooden Cambodian house just four kilometres from downtown Siem Reap, a dozen or so countryside workers sit cross-legged atop rattan floor mats, brows furrowed deep in concentration. Methodically – almost meditatively – they craft a mysterious product. Through an intricate process, they transform the fibre from green and woody stems into ‘white gold’ – shimmering threads of lotus fibre that is fast becoming a coveted luxury fabric.

Cambodian brand turns lotus flower into luxury fashion

Called The Lotus Farm, the workshop was set up around three years ago by French native Awen Delaval, who first visited Cambodia 13 years ago. Learn more about it here: Cambodian brand turns lotus flower into luxury fashion. Mr. Awen designed clothes and sold his creations in a house that doubled as a small boutique, naming the brand Samatoa, which roughly translates as “fair trade” in the Khmer language.

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