Learn how to sell Asian fashion clothes online. Web marketing – 10 top tips for fashion brands. If you are a young designer planning to start selling your products online, or an already established fashion brand just venturing online, it can be difficult to know where to start. Selling fashion via a website and mobile is a very different proposition to buying in-store. There are many little helpers that aid your customer with their decision making process inside the store. Your customers can do things such as: Pick up the clothing, hold it up against themselves, feel the material, see the garment in different lights, try on garments and put together outfits. And in addition, as you know, you can influence customers through your visual merchandising, customer service, and layout.

Online marketing – 10 top tips for Asia fashion brands

This is all different when you sell digitally, but it’s not a reason to despair. There are plenty of advantages in selling online. Here are some top tips to get you started: Online marketing – 10 top tips for fashion brands. Fashion is all about image, and images should be at the heart of your online shopping experience.