Indian Retailer Makes Local Style Fast Fashion. As demand for “fast fashion” spreads around the globe, an Indian retailer is betting it has figured out a way to take on the big global brands encroaching on its home turf. “The necklines were too low, the backs too deep, and the armholes too steep,” Ms. Chandler concluded after looking at a dozen designs at haute-couture shops in London. “There’s no way an average Indian girl could wear this.”. Sophie Chandler, is a designer for Cover Story, and last fall spotted fashion houses featuring the long, wavy and informal maxi dress on European catwalks. Adding a maxi or two to this year’s summer collection was an obvious choice, except it showed too much skin for Indian consumers. The Indian company, Cover Story, is trying to carve out a niche for itself by selling less-racy versions of global fashion trends, tailored to the specific tastes of the subcontinent’s consumers.

Indian Retailer Makes ‘Fast Fashion’ Local

Cover Story tries out raised necklines, modest backs and other tweaks to runway knockoffs to counter global brands like H&M, Zara Indian Retailer Makes ‘Fast Fashion’ Local. In India, consumers want their fashion fast, but not so racy.