Future of Fashion in Asia after Covid-19. What is the future of fashion after the pandemic? There is no doubt, that the Asian fashion industry will see huge amounts of innovation in the coming years as new technology and changing customer trends and demands will transform the whole industry. Last year and almost overnight retail clothing stores have closed across Europe, North America, and most of Asia, and with these parts of the world being both the primary fashion producing and consuming regions, the apparel and garment industry has been brought to its knees. All fashion shows and designer and brand presentations at fashion weeks have been canceled too. Fashion brands have canceled their factory orders in Asia which has left factories and workers in large garment-producing countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Thailand facing a huge crisis. Only online fashion retailing is stronger than ever. So what are the changes we can expect in the future of fashion?

Future of Fashion in Asia after Covid-19

Future of Fashion in AsiaThe future of fashion is happening online, and Asian brands will have to adjust how they create and sell clothing to make it work in a digital world. With more shoppers in Asia taking advantage of online shopping, fashion retailers have to follow suit. Aside from changing Covid-19 restrictions, consumers increasingly prefer the convenience and speed of online shopping, even if it means not being able to try an item in person. Asian Clothing must be Sustainable. Fashion has long been one of the biggest contributors to waste and climate change, largely because of its unsustainable and non-eco-friendly production methods. But the tides are changing, and local brands are moving towards more sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. Fast fashion, which was popular for its ability to quickly and inexpensively reproduce runway looks, is in decline in favor of slow fashion-pieces that are more eco-friendly and designed to be longer-lasting.

Future of Fashion in Asia – Fashion Shows and Events

Future of Fashion in Asia after Covid-19Future of Fashion Shows and Fashion Weeks in Asia. In our new socially distant world, Asian fashion brands need to reimagine how to present their upcoming collections without a live audience for the foreseeable future. However, COVID-19 isn’t the only reason brands have been considering cutting back with runway shows in recent years; the budget has been a large concern among many Asian fashion designers and brands. Large brands have no problems in spending lots of money showing their new collections at local or regional fashion shows. But for smaller or newer brands, this is often not really possible. Some well-known international brands have been very successful by streaming their shows online. Streaming has therefore brought up a new question for many Asian clothing brands: “If we can reach a larger (and more international) audience for less, why are we spending hundreds of thousands to even millions of Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee or Japanese Yen for these traditional shows and local events?”

Future of Fashion. Watch this Video by France 24 Channel in English: Fashion has always known how to adapt to the world around it – and that’s never been truer than right now. Face masks, once worn as fashion statements, have become indispensable amid the coronavirus pandemic. Big luxury groups and smaller outfits alike have repurposed their production lines to produce vital protective equipment. Covid-19 is forcing the world of fashion to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Who better to discuss these unprecedented times than Parisian designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac? He joins us on the show under lockdown.

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Useful-asia-fashion-linksThe Crucial Clothes Industry in Asia. China may be known as the factory of the world, but when it comes to clothes, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar play a growing role. Garment manufacturing has been diversifying away from China for around ten years due to China’s high costs. It means that garment manufacturing is a crucial industry for many of Asia’s developing economies.
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