Asia Fashion Forum @ Asiafashionclothing.comForum for Asian Fashion @ There are plenty of fashion sites on the internet. These websites can provide you with the opportunity  to read and write about fashion in Europe and USA. And others, in individual countries, including in Asia. There isn’t really a very popular Asian Website. And we don’t really know if there is a need for one. Most people like to discuss their own country’s designer and brand issues in their local language. We are still trying to figure out what we should use our forum for. Suggestions are welcome. It will still take a few days before we can set it up. Please visit our site frequently. We are developing new pages each and every day. There is always something new topic to read about

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In the meantime. Maybe you can go to have a look at some of the best International Forums around. Here is a few suggestions

The Fashion Spot is a fashion industry forum.  Here fashion influence meet to discuss fashion design, designer’s collections and models. Aslo included is fashion trends, celebrity fashion, cosmetics and shopping

Styleforum is the premier online community for men’s style.  Here you’ll find everything about the best men’s clothing Plus streetwear, denim, fashion trends. And information about grooming, health, gadgets, sports, home and lifestyle

The Ethical Fashion Forum is a not for profit network. They focus upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry