Middle East Clothing Fashion. There’s a new publication in the Middle East: H Magazine, a men’s fashion title out of Muscat, Oman. While the other similarly-named publications have a locals-only, low-rent feel, this H Magazine has much larger aims: namely, to bring a high-end quarterly men’s fashion title originating in the Middle East to an international market. But what does a fashion magazine from the Middle East—a region that is hungry for luxury, but also more socially conservative than its Western counterparts—look like? Please visit (link) Middle East Fashion Clothing and (link) Middle East Fashion Designers & Brands to learn more about Middle Eastern clothing and fashion.

Middle East Clothing Fashion Magazine

At first glance, not that different from other glossy fashion magazines, a fact that is something of a statement on its own. “When you look at the magazine, you will realize that it is boundary-pushing for the Middle East,” founder and editor in chief Hassan Al-Saleh explains to Complex. “I’m proud to be an Arab. What I find frustrating, as an Arab reader, is that magazines are often overly conservative, too cautious, so they don’t offend. It alienates readers like me.”

Fashion in 13 Middle Eastern Countries

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