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Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (TCMA)

Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association TCMATurkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association has approximately 400 members representing some of the nicest brands coming out of Turkey.  To those who are looking to work with their membership, they can help you with sourcing and getting you going with that initial contact.  Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association was founded in 1976 with the purpose of enhancing the environment by developing the clothing industry in Turkey, promoting the sector abroad, and achieving sectoral cooperation. Cem Negrin is providing leadership this year as the Chairman of the Board.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul

Istanbul Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekMercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul is Turkey’s premier fashion event offering an international platform for designers from the region to seamlessly connect with media and buyers.  The event will increase the domestic awareness of homegrown fashion and increase the global presence of Turkish design while highlighting the culture and sophisticated glamour that solidify Istanbul as a style capital where east meets west. As IMG Fashion’s newest addition to its global portfolio of leading events and initiatives, significant resources are invested into the future of fashion in Turkey, via world-class stages, digital and social campaigns, and a team comprised of the industry’s elite professionals.

Turkey Fashion Clothing – Country Quick Facts

The Republic of Turkey is located in South-Eastern Europe and South-Western Asia. (That portion of Turkey west of the Bosporus is geographically part of Europe). Key sectors of the Turkish economy are banking, construction, home appliances, electronics, textiles, oil refining. Turkey is also the sixth most-popular tourism destination in the world.

  • Turkey: Population 74 million (2013 est).
  • Capital: Ankara, Population 4.5 million (2013 est).
  • Major Cities: Istanbul (13.5 Million), Ankara, Izmir (2.8 million), Bursa (1.7 million).
  • Area: 783,562 sq km (302,535 sq miles).
  • Government: Unitary Parliamentary, Constitutional Republic.
  • Major Religions: Islam.
  • Major Languages: Turkish, Kurdish.
  • Currency: Turkish Lira.
  • Internet Domain: .tr.
  • International Dialing Code: +90.

Turkey B2B Wholesale and Istanbul B2C Retail Shopping

Online Fashion Shopping in AsiaThe coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is going to change both consumers (B2C) and business people’s (B2B) shopping behavior for years to come. If you are interested in online retail clothing shopping, please visit our Turkey Clothes Online Stores pages. If you are interested in business-to-business (B2B) wholesale, the Fashion Wholesale Online Marketplace is the page to visit for more information.

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