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Korea Fashion Association (South Korea)

Korean Fashion Association (South Korea)Korea Fashion Association in South Korea is a special body corporate established in 1985 under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy with the purpose to advance the Korean fashion industry with approximately 300 total fashion companies including domestic national fashion brands, fashion designer’s brands, trading companies and fashion related businesses as their members, Korea Fashion Association (South Korea) has been taking the initiative to protect the rights of our members and promote our members, and strengthen and globalize the competitiveness of the Korean fashion industry.

South Korean Fashion. In recent years, the fashion in South Korea has greatly evolved, due to inspiration from the West. Factors that have influenced the changes in South Korean fashion are culture, wealth, and (social) media. The country’s developing economy has also had a profound effect on fashion. Currently, South Korea maintains a unique fashion style that has become an acknowledged influence in worldwide trends. South Korea’s style has become more expressive, reflecting a sense of individuality, which is absent from the style of its northern counterpart, North Korea.