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The Textile Council of Hong Kong

Textile Council of Hong KongThe Textile Council of Hong Kong comprises ten major textiles associations and is a non-profit making organization. It represents the entire Hong Kong textile industry whose business activities range from spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, garment making and the manufacture of textile goods. The Council, incorporated on 22nd July 1988, was officially inaugurated on 12th December 1989. The Textile Council of Hong Kong main objective is to promote and foster the interests of the textile industry of Hong Kong as a whole.

In order to respond to and support the economic reform in China, members have invested in China, particularly in Guangdong Province, by establishing mills for spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing and garment manufacturing. In this way, members have contributed towards the economy and technology of the textile industry and at the same time the Council makes every effort to maintain the interests of Hong Kong textile investors in China.