Asia Fashion Clothing Markets and Popular Shopping Cities. There are several fast-growing fashion markets. In the East, Japan became famous for its fashion in the 1970’s when their ready-made clothing became easily available to many more consumers. In the year of 2000 the Japanese fashion industry was worth around US$ 1000 Billion. Also in the Eastern part, South Korea began its mass popularization  of fashion in the 1980s. Ten years later the country had established an international reputation. Today Korean style fashion is here to stay as the main supplier of Asian style. The peninsula of  Hong Kong is situated off China’s south coast. The colony has a well developed fashion products manufacturing industry and has today become a hot pot of fashion. India is another up and coming country in the Western part and also both Singapore and Thailand, part of ASEAN (South East Asia) have promising future in the world fashion ground.

Asian Fashion Clothing Trends

Asian fashion clothing trendsSome of the most fashionable girls in the world are certainly the Asian ones. With their unique beauty and impeccable style, they have taken the fashion world by storm, and leave impressions like no other. Asia is a big market so there is enough space for everyone to leave their own mark. However, what is for certain is that all the world’s biggest fashion trends were definitely seen in Asia and the Asian girls were rocking them. The styles, trends, and preferences seen in the East cannot quite be compared to trends from anywhere else in the world. Perhaps, Paris comes the closest. Fashion in this region is all about clean-cut silhouettes, minimalism, and the use of fashion as a primary form of expression. From street fashion to high fashion, Asia is obsessed with nice garments and accessories. With the rise of social media platforms, now each and every piece of clothing is closer to Asian fashionistas. Following Asian fashion trends, finding inspiration and creativity has never been easier. Asian people, especially its women, want to be nicely dressed, depending on their budget of course.

Asia Fashion Clothing Design: Bunka Fashion College

Bunka Fashion College JapanBunka Fashion College of Japan is located in Shinjuku new urban center. With a 20-story intelligent building as its center, the campus spreads over a vast site. Bunka’s comprehensive program provides the basics of fashion design. To the specialization and sophistication of dressmaking. Today, the College is synonymous with Japanese avant-garde design. Famous graduates are Kenzo Takada, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Hiroko Koshino, and Chisato Tsumori. Tokyo-based Bunka Fashion College is Japan’s highest-profile fashion school and one of the most prestigious. The college divides its teaching into four fashion programs: creation; technology; marketing and distribution; and accessories and textiles. Dressmaking is a required class for all students and is taught using the college’s own fashion textbook system.

Fashion in Asian Countries – Around in Asia

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