The Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFest) Indonesia 2016. Fashion: Indonesia picks up Muslim fashion. Upbeat music, statuesque models, and runway struts: These are elements that constitute every fashion show. The Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFest) is one such fashion show, drawing thousands of women to see and buy latest trends in clothing and accessories. However, unlike other global fashion shows, the clothes being modelled at this event were modest in nature. A testament to the growing demand for fashionable clothing among Muslim women in Indonesia, the MUFFest was the first event held by the Indonesian Fashion Chamber together with Indonesia’s Trade Ministry. It was launched as the country looked to establish itself as a regional hub for Muslim fashion by 2020. The event, from May 25 to 29, coincided with the start of the country’s Ramadan period, a move to cash in on the celebrations.

Fashion: Indonesia picks up Muslim fashion

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