Fashion brands created product and clothing retailers sold it. A new era of wholesale. It used to be so simple. But in the brave new world of omnichannel retail, brands and their stockists must try to keep pace with an ever-demanding consumer who wants to buy what they want, when they want and from where they want to buy it. Traditional relationships between brand and retailer, retailer and customer, and brand and customer are changing. Open relationships, direct-to-consumer brand awareness and a different approach to holding stock are some of the ways the wholesale sector is evolving to the demands of the expanding retail landscape – and stockists are having to adjust to these new ways of doing business

A new era of wholesale

One fashion agency Just Consultancies, believes it is essential for brands to have a direct relationship with consumers. Read more about it here: A new era of wholesale. Some of the biggest recent successes have been brands that have huge social followings or strong ecommerce because that really underlines what the brand is about.