ASEAN Digital Fashion Weeks. For those living in Southeast Asia, the concept of a digital fashion week is nothing new. Since 2012 Digital Fashion Week has been held annually and shared between South East Asia’s three major fashion cities of Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok. Utilizing techs such as LIVE streaming, multi-cam feed, 360° virtual reality, LIVE Interaction, and shoppable runway the event aims to provide an all-access immersive experience for fashion lovers to Fashion Weeks and their various activities globally. Since its inception, Digital Fashion Week has been regarded as Asia’s only 360 offline and online marketing platform focusing on digital strategies to globalize Independent and emerging designers from across the Asian region. Read also A new digital future for Asian fashion about two other major Asian fashion weeks.

ASEAN Digital Fashion Weeks

Digital Fashion Week Conversations (DFWC)Digital Fashion Week Conversations (DFWC) is a series of virtual conversations presenting roundtables with fashion designers, key opinion leaders, international fashion media, and fashion-industry executives; hosted on DFW’s new “People” community platform People – Digital Fashion Week and Facebook Live. The session will cover a wide range of topics related to the fashion industry such as “coping with the new digital norm” and “digital sales, would it create more opportunities or negative impact?” Fashion enthusiasts alike are encouraged to be part of this new digital experience and community, “People” by first signing up for an account and start interacting, gain rewards, and #supportfashionbusinesses. More features were planned to be released in the last two quarters of 2020.

Elle Digital Fashion Week 2020 – Thailand

Elle Digital Fashion Week 2020 – ThailandElle Thailand recently introduced the “Front Row at Home” concept for “Elle Digital Fashion Week 2020 Powered By Lazada”, which incorporated visual techniques such as fully integrated CG technology and live-streaming to allow viewers to join in from anywhere across the globe. Fashionistas were able to relax and take a front-row seat on their couches as they enjoyed the experience of a virtual fashion show. Claimed to be “A first” in Southeast Asia and a digital fashion milestone, the fully-fledged virtual runway platform was a collaboration between the magazine, Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform Lazada, Thai cosmetic brand Mistine, and the Bangkok Fashion Society. Between Oct 2-4, the fashion show was live-streamed via Elle Thailand’s Facebook page and Lazada’s mobile application. These digital channels were fully integrated while an interactive “See Now Buy Now” function allowed viewers to watch and shop at the same time on their smartphone, tablet, and laptop devices.

ASEAN International Digital Fashion Week (AIDFW) 2021

ASEAN International Digital Fashion Week 2021ASEAN Digital Fashion Weeks. This AIDFW showcase is a collaboration between ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) and digital platform, Thehomeground Asia (THG) in a bid to help raise awareness and appreciation for the unique style and diversity in the ASEAN and International regions and to promote greater cross-cultural and creative collaborations.
CATCH THE SHOWCASES FROM 28th – 31st Jan 2021 at 9 pm (+8 GMT). ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase was conceptualized in Aug 2015 by Singapore fashion designer, Hayden Ng. The showcase has been developed to help raise awareness and appreciation for the unique style and diversity in the ASEAN region and to promote greater cross-cultural and creative collaboration.

Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2021 – Indonesia

Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2021 - IndonesiaLast year Jakarta Fashion Week was dubbed as the largest runway show in Southeast Asia, JFW 2021 was set to present the latest fashion trendsetters in clothing and accessories on a digital platform. “This year, all content will be prerecorded and fully digitalized. We also shorten the (event) from the usual week to four days,” JFW director Lenni Tedja said at a virtual press conference before the November 2020 fashion week started. JFW 2021 was live-streamed last year from Nov. 26-29 on JFW TV, a microsite on the event’s official website, Jakarta Fashion Week. The event was also aired on the JFW’s social media accounts as well as the websites of event partners. JFW 2021 was collaborating with 8 international partners so it could accommodate foreign labels and designers to take part in the fashion week.

Thailand Fashion Week (A/W) 2021/2022 – Online

Thailand Fashion Week Digital A-W 2021-2022The future of fashion showcases are digital and immersive. Thailand Fashion Week has therefore developed a customized virtual showroom “COSMOS” to showcase the collections from the global design experts which will reach a wide audience by a team of precisely-tailored IT professionals. The next TWF event will take place on COSMOS TFW Digital Showroom from 29 May – 1 Jun 2021. Being in the luxury fashion showcasing business, the situation has pressured the organization to adapt to the digital age for some time now. TFW supports hundreds of brands by setting up a digital showroom since the current COVID-19 pandemic just has created the ideal circumstances for a long-awaited innovation boost. Now that the physical aspect of the shopping experience is indefinitely suspended, fashion brands can take the opportunity to re-imagine it within a digital-only space. This trend will be continued in the coming years by Thailand Fashion Week using artificial intelligence.

Learn more about Fashion Clothing in Asia and the Middle East

Useful-asia-fashion-linksThe Crucial Clothes Industry in Asia. China may be known as the factory of the world, but when it comes to clothes, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar play a growing role. Garment manufacturing has been diversifying away from China for around ten years due to China’s high costs. It means that garment manufacturing is a crucial industry for many of Asia’s developing economies.
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