A new digital future for Asian fashion. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has forced the Asian fashion industry to find new ways to present their local, luxury, and designer fashion brands to the world. In the future, the Asian fashion industry will need to reach global buyers and consumers through online streaming platforms. And also the increasing pressure for fashion brands to promote sustainability through their actions, including those on the catwalk, has been a topic of mounting interest in recent years. The traditional fashion week format is one that has been criticized time and time again for its promotion of unsustainable ideals. So, this new style of the digitally-led fashion week format, seen in Asia, is one that may be a viable and worthwhile venture for all fashion designers and brands in the future. Last year two major Asian fashion weeks, Rakuten Tokyo and Shanghai China both went online. Read also about ASEAN Digital Fashion Weeks 2021 in Southeast Asia.

Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo

Rakuten Fashion Week in TokyoA new digital future for Asian fashion. The Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo 2020 was a digital affair only. As the coronavirus continued its rapid spread around the world, the Japanese fashion world opted to host its famous fashion week entirely online. The event in March last year was live-streamed on the platform’s official website Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo without any audiences in attendance – that meant no editors, celebrity influencers, or buyers. The move came as the Japanese public was being advised to self-quarantine and observe social distancing to help curb the spread of the infectious Covid-19 virus. Their next fashion event (2021 Autumn/Summer) in Tokyo will take place between 15-20 of March 2021. Please watch this digest video of the Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2021 Spring/Summer made by the Japan Fashion Week Organization.

Shanghai Fashion Week China 2020

Shanghai Fashion Week Digital ChinaThe Shanghai Fashion Week last year wasn’t going to let COVID-19 steal its thunder, and went ahead with a new digital approach pioneered in partnership with Alibaba’s Tmall. In the first three hours of the new online viewing format, Shanghai Fashion Week managed to attract 2.5 million viewers. Leveraging Alibaba’s technologies, the weeklong show is the first-ever global fashion week event to host its entire roster of runway shows online and go fully digital. All shows were exclusively live-streamed in China on Tmall, China’s B2C marketplace, and Taobao Live, Alibaba’s dedicated live streaming channel. More than 150 brands ranging from U.S. designers to rising Chinese independent designers all showcased their latest fall/winter collections via Alibaba’s digital platform. After coronavirus forced the cancellation of many fashion events, Alibaba stepped in to help Shanghai Fashion Week with a digital solution. A/W 2021 Shanghai Fashion Week will unveil from 25th March 2021 and has opened its channel for the brand showcase.

Video presentation of China Chic Highlights 2021 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week. Garments designed with traditional Chinese elements highlighted the Shanghai Spring and Summer 2021 Fashion Week, which opened in east China’s Shanghai Municipality on October 8 last year.

A new digital future for Asian fashion

A new digital future for Asian fashionWith the successes of completely digital fashion weeks in Tokyo and Shanghai, it’s a wonder that these digital innovations haven’t been utilized to this extent before. The digitalization of fashion shows could also be of benefit for new and upcoming designers. Whilst traditional shows have exclusive guestlists filled with leading fashion critics, buyers, and celebrities, live streaming opens up brands and designers to a whole new audience that is substantially larger and potentially a lot younger. Through the use of innovations in technology, such as 5G and live streaming, digital fashion shows have the potential to appeal to a much wider audience, opening up the world of high fashion to more than just the fashion critics and buyers of the past.  

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