Fashion Shows and Weeks Online in Asia. The future of the Asian fashion calendar is uncertain this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each day offers new challenges for local designers and their teams to overcome amid the coronavirus health problems. Planning for the next Asian fashion show or ASEAN fashion week season is no longer business as usual, but small steps are being made. After months in quarantine, fashion houses have returned to work with an urge to rethink everything about fashion events. And, at the same time, the event industry is in need of an update. Going digital could be seen as an opportunity to help clothing brands truly understand their community and to connect in a different way – something consumers are likely to want to see more of post-lockdown. Read about ASEAN Digital Fashion Weeks 2021 in Southeast Asia.

Fashion Shows and Weeks Online

Fashion Shows and Weeks Online in AsiaWhile some past Asian fashion weeks have operated on an invite-only basis, this year, designers are looking to attract more inclusive audiences. Instead of the conventional Asian fashion show, brands are choosing different digital methods for their collection debuts. Formats such as virtual showrooms, or behind the scenes experiences are now the new norm. In Europe last year, London Fashion Week was the first to be hosted online during the beginning stages of COVID-19. As the pandemic quickly progressed, more focus seemed to be on the execution of digital presentations more than the actual clothes. The British Fashion Council acknowledged that these presentations were experimental due to the sudden circumstances, but show-goers couldn’t help but wonder if this reaction is indicative of future fashion weeks to come. Read also A new digital future for Asian fashion about two other major Asian fashion weeks.

Events in the Fashion Industry Online

vents in the Fashion Industry OnlinePhysical Fashion Events? Digital Fashion Shows? Virtual Fashion Weeks? The Masterminds of Fashion Show Production Weigh In on Runway’s Future. Faced with the necessity of translating fashion to a digital format, the British Fashion Council, Italy’s Camera Nazionale Della Moda, and France’s Fédération de la Haute Couture and de la Mode spent the early weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns mapping out how to marry the pomp and circumstance of a fashion show with the high-speed chill of the internet. The answer? Well, there isn’t one, really. The clothing and apparel business’s most visible touchpoint, the fashion show, is about to undergo a radical reformation of its own. Physical? Digital? Virtual? The Masterminds of Fashion Show Production Weigh In on Runway’s Future.

Fashion Shows and Weeks Online. Video about how COVID-19 is forcing the fashion industry to evolve. The fashion industry’s seasonal systems have long been called ‘out-of-date’ and ‘wasteful’ – but coronavirus is now forcing the industry to reshape. With global economic contractions and consumer habits changing, digital acceleration and corporate innovation are more important now than ever.

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Useful-asia-fashion-linksThe Crucial Clothes Industry in Asia. China may be known as the factory of the world, but when it comes to clothes, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar play a growing role. Garment manufacturing has been diversifying away from China for around ten years due to China’s high costs. It means that garment manufacturing is a crucial industry for many of Asia’s developing economies.
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