Europe’s first Asian boutique shopping centre. Under a roof inspired by Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade, the new East Shopping centre on London’s Green Street features a ‘souk’ market and range of clothes shops aimed at Asian and Muslim customers. Whether in Southall or Manchester, running between shops trying to find the exact shade of bangles to match a sari is something many British South Asian women are familiar with.

“The Asian fashion industry is booming,” he said. “Green Street has been crying out for something like this,” adding that the centre would not alienate the area’s existing customers. “I deliberately designed it to look smart but not overbearing. I don’t want anyone looking in and saying: ‘Oh, that’s not for me.’” The shops inside seem to bear this out – while more elaborate, embellished outfits can be found, there are also simpler salwar kameez on sale for £20.

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