Fashion Industry in Asia Must Go Digital. It is a new year and the time in Asia for presenting new fashion weeks, fashion shows, and other designers, brands, and clothing events. But thanks to the COVID-19, coronavirus disease in 2020, things are going to be quite different. Fashion in Asia is an industry of craft and creativity and needs to go digital to survive after Covid-19 and to thrive in the next decade. Clothing business owners know it. Designers and brands know it. And most Asian fashion-related business people are starting to ask questions about it. We will see no more of the packed fashion shows, with crowds of style and trend magazine photographers out in front of the venues. This year’s shows must be adapted to the needs of physical distancing. Instead of all the traditional ongoing, Asian fashion event organizers also need to be going full-on virtual and streaming the shows online. Our news Social Media and Asia Fashion Industry is a must-read too.

Fashion Industry in Asia Must Go Digital

Fashion Industry in Asia Must Go Digital TodayVirtual Meets Reality: The Future Of Fashion Shows. Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, are virtual or digital fashion shows the future of fashion weeks? Let’s see what an industry insider has to say. In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, several fashion weeks across the globe including the ones in Asia have come to a halt. But as they say, the show must go on, will technology take over and change the way we have been consuming fashion? As the digital industry revolutionizes continuously, can the crisis perhaps kick-start a new movement of virtual fashion shows in Asia too? “Whilst the ease at which you can watch your favorite designers unveil their latest collection sitting in the comfort of your home is amazing, nothing can replace the feeling of taking part in or watching a live show. Digital shows have come into existence out of necessity rather than want and when given a choice, most would want to witness a collection live rather than on a screen,” says this insider.

Fashion Industry in Asia and Fashion Influencers

Fashion Industry in Asia and Fashion InfluencersA survey conducted by the fashion search engine Tagwalk concluded that 70% of consumers follow street-style trends rather than runway style trends. This shift in consumerism has given the power to social media platforms and created a new kinda career; influencers. A few years ago, a fashion industry critic wrote that these influencers “had a keen awareness of how technology could help them attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of like-minded fashion fans who had been shut out of the conversation.” These influencers have become the middle-man between the industry and the consumer, they filter Fashion Weeks into something their audiences can connect with, which means influencers have, almost, taken over Fashion Weeks. With their influence, it changes Fashion Week from an exclusive industry event to one directly aimed at consumers.

Fashion Industry in Asia. Are virtual fashion shows the future of fashion weeks? In this video, Fashion Futurist Amanda Cosco looks at examples of digital catwalk collections that are emerging as an alternative to fashion weeks. In light of COVID-19 and the rising financial and environmental cost of producing fashion events, 3D virtual shows and augmented reality experiences are emerging as an exciting and even more accessible alternative compared to the traditional fashion calendar.

Learn more about Fashion B2C and Clothing eCommerce in Asia

Useful-asia-fashion-linksBuying fashionable items on eCommerce sites is very popular among Asian online shoppers. Over the last couple of years, fashion shopping online has experienced rapid growth all over Asia. As the local Asian economies continue to develop, consumers are spending more and more time online and buying lots of clothing on B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sites.
– Asia Online Shopping – 14 countries – Asia Clothing Online Shopping
– ASEAN Online Shopping – 10 countries – ASEAN Online Fashion Shopping
– Middle East Online Shopping – 13 Countries – Middle East Muslim Dresses Online

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