Asia Clothing Designers and Fashion Brands. A few years ago, the British Council and LASALLE College of the Arts collaborated to launch Asia Fashion Future. The mission of the Asia Fashion Future was to provide fashion professionals from Asia and the UK with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase the sustainability and growth of Asian fashion businesses. The one-day seminar brought together experts from the UK and Asia at the Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, to examine challenges and opportunities facing Asia’s growing fashion sector, running as a fringe event alongside Digital Fashion Week and focusing on the topics of Online Nation, and Sustainability and Ethics.

Asia Clothing Designers and Fashion Brands

Young contemporary Asian fashion designers are stamping their mark in the global industry by referencing their Asian roots and re-imagining Asian aesthetics. Today, we see many more fashion graduates from London, Milan, and New York returning to their home countries in Asia to start their own brands. They are not solely looking at opening shops, but rather investing in branding through social media and other marketing tools. Their designs highlight consistency, integrity, and relevance to market needs. The global ambition of contemporary Asian designers: It is becoming difficult to categorize these designers as Asian designers. Some of them live abroad and were educated abroad. They show in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. They are international brands and their collections sit within a global context and in our international portfolios.

The Asian Fashion industry and the Covid-19 Virus

Millions of Asian industry jobs lost, and employees laid off. The garment export industry across Asia has been hit by the pandemic, with millions of workers’ livelihoods threatened. Western etailers using Asian supply chains have canceled orders on an unprecedented scale and employees and workers have been made jobless or forced to take a break from work without pay. Asian workers now slowly return to work. Luxury and fashion retailers are open across mainland China, Japan, and South Korea. But Asia’s economic resurgence from the Covid-19 lockdown remains cautious, with shopper footfall reportedly down. Shanghai (China) Fashion Week’s was transformed into a ‘cloud fashion week’ in 2020 and showed new digital possibilities for the fashion week format. The event, featuring 150 brands and combining a mix of live streaming and short videos, was targeted at Chinese consumers on the Tmall and Taobao apps.

The Asian Couture Federation (ACF)

Asian Couture Federation (ACF)The mission of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) is to inspire, support, and promote the best design and fashion talent both within Asia and across the world. Established in 2013 the ACF has since expanded beyond Asia, into the Middle East, and in Europe. The Asian Couture Federation has successfully inducted highly qualified designers and governors all of whom are prominent fashion industry figures, from 14 countries around the world such as, Australia, China, UAE, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The ACF is the first pan-Asian body in Asia to recognize, support, and promote the Asian Couturiers who have exhibited the highest levels of artistry in fashion design.

Fashion in Asian Countries – Around in Asia

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