Malaysia Fashion Designers and Brands. Malaysian fashion and clothing designers attempt to design clothes that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Clothes designers must consider who is likely to wear a garment and the situations in which it will be worn. Famous Malaysian Fashion Designers have a wide range and combination of materials to work with and a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. Malaysian Designers Homegrown and Upcoming. Below is a list and information of some of the both established, homegrown and upcoming designers who have participated in the latest Kuala Lumpur Fashion Weeks in Malaysia. We will add and improve the listing in the coming several months of the year.

Malaysia Fashion Designers and Clothing Brands

Malaysia Fashion Designers and Clothing BrandsMalaysian Clothing Brand Names. A Malaysian fashion or Asian clothing brand that is sold and marketed (distributed and promoted) in a relatively small and restricted geographical area is called a local brand. It can be found in only one country or region. It may be called a regional brand if the area encompasses more than one metropolitan market. Here is a list of homegrown and well-known Malaysian apparel brands and clothing designers: Jimmi Choo, Zang Toi, Bernard Chandran, Farah Khan, Melinda Looi, Faisol Abdullah, Dexter Wong, Lew Fong Voon, Khoon Hoi, Edmund Ser.

Malaysia Clothes Designer Brand

Malaysia Homegrown Clothing Brands and DesignersFashion Firms, Designer & Brand Exhibitors at BIFF&BIL in Bangkok from Malaysia: 1927 Design Bhd – Designing Ready to Wear, Ladies Clothing. C My World – Fashion Jewelry. Dude & The Duchess Sdn Bhd – Dude & The Duchess. Elit Purnama Sdn Bhd – Ladies Apparel, children Apparel and Muslim Wear. Ms. Read (M) Sdn Bhd – Fashion, Accessories, Blouse, Shirt, Jacket, Dress. Seraya Era Sdn Bhd – Fabrics, Scarves, Ready To Wear, Dress, Pareos, Apparels. Read also about The British Fashion Council, a not-for-profit organization that harnesses the collective power of the industry to enable sustainable growth and strengthen fashion in the global fashion economy.

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Malaysia B2B Wholesale and Kuala Lumpur B2C Retail Shopping

Online Fashion Shopping in AsiaThe coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is going to change both consumers (B2C) and business people’s (B2B) shopping behavior for years to come. If you are interested in online retail clothing shopping, please visit our Malaysia Online Fashion Shopping pages. If you are interested in business-to-business (B2B) wholesale, the Asian Fashion Wholesale Online Marketplaces is the start page to visit for more information.

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