Cross-Border Shopping Top 5 Categories. An earlierPayPal report researched by Nielsen. The American global information and measurement company. Report shows that businesses everywhere can increase their sales and revenues. Just by learning about and using the six foremost international markets to expand their operation. This is a real multi-billion US$ opportunity. For both large as well as smaller companies. The PayPal report is titled “Modern Spice Routes: The Cultural Impact of Cross-Border Shopping” – (Update February 2018 – PDF link not longer available, so it has been removed). It analyzes cross-border online shopping and spending behavior in six major markets. The United States (USA). The United Kingdom (UK). Germany (Europe). Australia (Asia-Pacific). Mainland China (Asia) and Brazil (South America)

Cross-Border Shopping Online

The cross-border shopping online markets across these 6 markets has 93.7 million consumers. Spending US$ 105 Billion on overseas websites. Representing 16% of overall online shopping spend this year. The top five shopping categories are 1. Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories. 2. Health and Beauty Products. 3. Personal Electronics. 4. Computer Hardware. 5. Jewelry, Gems, and Watches. Focus on Online Cross-Border Shopping. Since Australia is one of the six countries mentioned above, we have found an interesting video for you to watch. The special focus for this ten-year tracking study of Australians’ beliefs, attitudes, habits, and preferences is also another great research done to understand more about online shopping behavior.

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