Different Types of Fashion Design Courses. Fashion designing is a creative field whose application is seen all around us. The versatile field encompasses much more than designing clothes. Designing accessories, jewelry, costumes, uniforms, leather, and more are various branches of fashion designing. There’s never been a wider selection of options available for those looking to study fashion – from short courses all the way through to Ph.D. programs. As well as varying in length and level, fashion degrees are also diverse in terms of how general or specialized they are; the extent to which they focus on developing practical skills or whether they take a more academic approach; and the type of fashion careers for which they prepare students.

Different Types of Fashion Design Courses

Different Types of Fashion Design Courses TodayDifferent Types of Fashion Degrees. In college, the most common fashion degree you can earn is a bachelor’s degree in fashion. This degree – either a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.F.A. (The Bachelor of Fine Arts) – offers a broad overview of the field and should allow you to develop the core skills required of a fashion merchandiser or designer, including draping, sewing, pattern making, and garment manufacturing. You’ll learn to analyze fashion trends to identify what sorts of styles and patterns will appeal to people with varying body types and different cultural, economic, social, and psychological backgrounds. For prospective fashion students who haven’t yet decided which part of the industry they’d like to work within, there are lots of undergraduates fashion degrees in Asia that offer a broad introduction to different aspects of the fashion sector.

Fashion Design Degree

Different Types of Fashion Design EducationDifferent Types of Fashion Design Courses. The fashion design course is one of the most popular amongst all thee specializations. It teaches you the intricacies of designing clothes by analyzing the market and also based on specific orders. The fashion designing courses today also covers designing while keeping environmental factors in mind. With the increasing awareness among consumers about the impact of textile manufacturing and consumerism on the environment, it is extremely vital to know how to create garments that have minimal impact on the environment. The best fashion designing courses also let you choose electives that help you narrow specialization within fashion designing such as bespoke clothing, couture, uniforms, and theatrical costumes.

Different Types of Fashion Design CoursesFashion Communication: Fashion communication course teaches you to use graphic and space design, fashion thinking, and fashion media to help a brand develop a unique identity and communicate its ethos to the consumers effectively. Jewelry Design: Fashion is much more than clothes. Jewelry is just as important. The course on jewelry designing will empower you with the skills necessary to succeed in this industry. In several countries in Asia, where jewelry is an integral part of celebrations, becoming a jewelry designer is a very lucrative career path.

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Useful-asia-fashion-linksThe Crucial Clothes Industry in Asia. China may be known as the factory of the world, but when it comes to clothes, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar play a growing role. Garment manufacturing has been diversifying away from China for around ten years due to China’s high costs. It means that garment manufacturing is a crucial industry for many of Asia’s developing economies.
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