Clothes: Exhibition marks 100 years of South Korean fashion. Exhibition marks 100 years of Korean fashion. Vogue Korea opened a month-long exhibition “Mode & Moments: 100 Years of Korean Fashion,” Wednesday, at Culture Station Seoul 284 as a centenary celebration of Korean fashion history. “We have recently held exhibitions for foreign designers such as Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier but never have we had one for local designers,” said the exhibition planner Lee Mee-hye. “It is about time we think about Korean fashion and I think Vogue can take a leading role in it.” Stylist Suh Young-hee, who took the role as fashion director of the exhibition, added that fashion is neither difficult nor for minor people, but it is rather a part of daily life. She hopes the exhibition can provide an opportunity to rethink fashion that we feel and live by in our lives and want visitors to learn Korean history from it.

Exhibition marks 100 years of Korean fashion

The exhibition is being exhibited at the whole museum with two different themes. It collects fashion pieces of some 60 Korean designers in chronological order from the early 1900s to the present on the first level. Read more here: Exhibition marks 100 years of Korean fashion. On the second floor, the show presents fashion of all people under a particular concept with different constitutions such as the actual stage costumes of K-pop band BigBang to video clips that show the history of hairstyles and make-up of Korea.

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