Chinese clothing firm Xinhee new headquarters. Fashion: ‘Wow’ is the word for this Xinhee office. An international clothing firm, Xinhee will get its new headquarters soon built in China and the preview images are overwhelmingly impressive. It is the latest project of MAD Architects. According to Architectural Digest, this design explores the connection between the worlds of fashion and environmentally-responsible architecture while providing multipurpose public and private spaces as useful as they are beautiful. The proposed Xinhee Design Center will cover about 657,000 square feet and come up in the Chinese port city of Xiamen.

Fashion: ‘Wow’ is the word for this Xinhee office

Xinhee Office Headquarters: As per the report – Read more here: Fashion: ‘Wow’ is the word for this Xinhee office, it will be anchored by a 161,000-square-foot edifice inspired by nature, fashion and the human body.