China’s Fashion Factory Brands: Clones or Clever Creativity? China’s Factory Brands: Clones or Clever Business? Some Chinese factories are producing own-label products that bear a strong resemblance to the products they make for global luxury companies. The economic progression from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China’ is gathering pace, but manufacturing is still much more important to the country’s balance sheet than its nascent creative economy. In recent years, China’s manufacturing sector has taken a hit due to a slowdown in global demand and the migration to cheaper sourcing centres across South East Asia. With a highly skilled workforce and not enough work, some factory owners that supply major luxury companies have decided that the solution now lies in creating brands of their own.

China’s Factory Brands: Clones or Clever Business?

Inspired designs or knock-offs? Similar designs are being churned out under a local label by the very same factory or manufacturer of a global brand. China’s Factory Brands: Clones or Clever Business?. Western luxury brand executives are probably simmering with frustration at the proliferation of knock-off styles produced by Chinese and other manufacturers.

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