Cambodia Fashion Scene Phnom Penh News (ASEAN). Though most Cambodians continue wearing traditional garb, Phnom Penh designers are establishing a fast-growing fashion scene in the capital. Launched in June 2013, the Phnom Penh Designers Week featured nine local designers presenting their latest lines, and some retain classic motifs, inspired by traditional stories and mythology, in their modern attire. Cambodia currently has established brands like Don Protasio, Waterlily, and KeoK’jay, and emerging labels like A.N.D, and SCT, with Cambodia-based fashion initiatives nurturing more. The Samaki Sewing Network, a Phnom Penh-based socially responsible garment manufacturer recently merged Anne Noelle Fashion workroom and the KeoK’jay design workshop to bring up new talent. Industry collaboration appears to be driving the fashion scene, backed by the first graduates from two universities, which now offer fashion programmes.

Southeast Asia’s Fashion Scene (ASEAN)

Southeast Asia’s fashion scene presents a varied mix. Singapore offers the hottest fashions, while Indonesia is on the cutting edge of Islamic designs. Malaysian and Thai fashion are quickly expanding into international wardrobes, while Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam’s fledgling fashion scenes are also gaining attention around the globe. Brunei designers are just coming into the limelight, while Lao’s fashion leans towards traditional wear, its young designers are beginning to make their mark. Meanwhile, Myanmar fashion mostly focuses on traditional styles. Several ASEAN countries hold yearly fashion weeks and apparel & accessories events and local labels are certainly worth a look.