Team Sports Uniforms from the Philippines

Team Sports Uniforms from the Philippines
Business Name:
Team Sports Uniforms from the Philippines
Region, Country or City:
Philippines, Manila
Short Description:
We are LGR Athletic Wears Inc., one of the premiere suppliers of top-quality uniforms and athletic apparel in the Philippines
Detailed Description:

LGR Sportswear is, at its heart, a family business. Even as it has carefully grown over the years, it continues to thrive thanks to how it remains true to its roots.

Our business started in 1988, when owner Sonia Cruz transitioned her modest, one-person neighborhood dress shop into designing sports uniforms. A couple of requests for team uniforms from Colegio De San Agustin and Xavier School, her first sportswear clients, presented her with a business market that she could confidently and profitably explore.

Sonia made use of her eye for detail and her attention to quality to consistently produce apparel that quickly earned her both respect and significant word-of-mouth marketing value.

Comments :
LGR Sportswear is our manifestation of Philippine entrepreneurial spirit, firmly entrenched in giving our staff, our clients and our countrymen only the best.