Fashion Bloggers and Influencers in Asia. Fashion bloggers, influencers, and also fashion editors are avid followers and explorers of the Asian fashion world. They scrutinize, recommend, and share experiences and ideas related to vogue through Youtube and TikTok, or social media platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. An Asian fashion blogger regularly writes apparel and accessories blogs and clothing apparel websites with eye-catching graphics and appealing content on trending and popular topics. By being a fashion blogger, these individual not only gets to inform people about the prevailing trends in the Asian fashion industry but also gets to pursue his or her own passion. But what is the difference between a fashion blogger, influencer, and editor in the Asian fashion industry?

Fashion Bloggers in Asia

Fashion Bloggers in AsiaWhat is an Asian fashion blogger today? It is is a person who writes articles about fashion and style in his/her blog, publishes photos of outfits, videos of fashion shows. An Asian fashion blogger is a kind of mix of a stylist, journalist, and model. Today fashion bloggers have really crossed over from simply running their own personal sites to starring in fashion campaigns, commercials, and even on Asian magazine covers. There are quite a few misconceptions actually when it comes to fashion blogging and that’s that we don’t really do much except for write a couple of blog posts and then jet off around the world to exotic locations, buy designer goods, then laze around on a beach or by the pool. While some of the top fashion bloggers do get to live lives like that most will not. Essentially, if you’re a fashion blogger, you’re running your own online version of a fashion magazine, doing the job of multiple people.

Fashion Influencers in Asia

Fashion Influencers in AsiaAn Asian fashion influencer is a well-known personality on social media, who is considered an expert in the Asian fashion world, creating fashion content, sharing his or her taste and approach of creating outfits, shopping habits, and who has the power to influence the purchase behavior of others. The Asian fashion influencers usually have a large number of followers, who has become a loyal audience of like-minded people on social media. These snappy dressers collaborate with designers and brands, attend fashion shows. In some way, they live a beautiful life and shine brightly. Their mission is to inculcate in people a taste for style and encourage them to hone the skill of vogue. A fashion influencer is a glossy magazine, a lookbook, a stylist, and a photographer who does what he loves and also manages to earn money.

Fashion Editors in Asia

Fashion Editors in AsiaAn Asian fashion editor is an editor at a newspaper, magazine, or journal who oversees the pitching, reporting, editing, and publishing of all articles related to the fashion industry. A fashion editor’s job is to deliver a vision of the fashion industry according to the tone and viewpoint of a certain magazine. They might style shoots or they might write features about trends or the people who make the industry, whether models and designers or photographers or stylish women. Historically, key editors held the front row positions – a marker of their importance – but they now share these seats with influencers and bloggers alike.

Fashion Bloggers and Influencers. In this video, the host analyses one of the most disruptive trends in fashion over the last 10 years: blogging. After looking back at its evolution and the key players, host Chung heads off to meet Leandra Medine to find out how her blog Man Repeller went from school project to profitable business, and get her advice for anyone looking to succeed.

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