Asian Fashion Clothing Brands and Designers has just recently changed the format of its site. We hope that there will be many new visitors to welcome on the internet. Apparel and Fashion. Home of Asian Wholesale and Retail Clothing is the start text for our Home Page. Visitors can find quality news. Learn about the best and most famous apparel  and accessories markets around in Asia, which we know there is much demand for.

Asia Fashion Clothing Wholesale and Retail

On our site you can find our very informative online guide. Visitors can find clothing garment centers. Wholesale Asian markets for fashion, apparel and accessories. Most of the largest retail malls are now located in Asian countries. Let’s take a look at some of them. We list in country first. And then city alphabetical order. These malls are all in the top fifty list of the largest worldwide. A growing number of Asian shoppers are using social networks to purchase products online. While m-commerce (purchases made via smartphones and tablets) is also gaining in importance

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Update January 2016. We have just set up a new Asia Fashion Directory Asia Fashion Directory so please feel welcome to list your Asian business – offline or online on our site (it’s Free). And please share the information with your friends. The more visitors to the site, the better your own business listing will be noticed.