Apparel, Designers and Fashion Brands in Asia. Fashion brands from South Korea, China and Japan are becoming serious rivals of their Western peers as Asian consumers become increasingly confident in their own style and take pride in buying home-grown labels. Asian and ASEAN consumers are the world’s biggest spenders on high-end fashion, representing around half of total buyers. Most of them are under 35, Internet-savvy and increasingly on the hunt for small, cool, original brands that will make them stand out and look different from their parents, fashion executives and retailers say. High quality is no longer the preserve of Western luxury brands, fashion experts say, and Asian brands are attracting attention as they experiment with new textiles and materials, facilitated by their local manufacturing base.

Apparel, Designers & Asian Fashion Brands in the US and Europe

With highly innovative new styles and textile materials, it’s only a matter of time before these Asian brands surpass their rivals in the US and Europe, in terms of both quality and quantity. A luxury goods analyst points out that Asian brands, even if they are at a developing and growing stage, are fast becoming competitors to the West. South Korean TV series and K-pop music acts have helped boost South Korea’s fashion industry. Chinese fashion brands, such as Ms Min and Comme moi, are fast-moving brands which has outlets throughout China and Hong Kong. Even Japanese brands, such as Sacai and Tumor Chisato, are doing good in this space. Lady Gaga regularly wears Japan’s Roggykei.

Cool Asian and Middle Eastern Fashion Designer & Brand Information

Not so long ago many Asians and Middle eastern fashion buyers thought luxury goods had to come from the West. But today they are becoming more sophisticated and discerning and now more people are interested in local Asian or Middle Eastern designers who have their own point of view and unique style.
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