Amazon takes on the high street with own new brand. Inside Amazon’s foray into fashion. as it takes on the high street with its own new brand. How Amazon is using catwalk trends to try to conquer high-street fashion. The online retailer already shifts a lot of clothes. But can its first properly fashion-aware brand, Find, win the approval of style insiders? Amazon is extremely successful in the business of selling clothes and is likely to become the biggest apparel seller in the US this year. Amazon High Street Fashion. It has a fashion section on the main site, it bought online shoe retailer Zappos in 2010 and own the Shopbop site, but, so far, a foothold in fashion proper has alluded it.

Amazon is using catwalk trends to try to conquer high-street fashion

Amazon takes on the high street. For the past year the tech giant has been stealthily working on its first major own-brand fashion collection for the European market. The range, called “Find”, is a 500-piece womenswear collection that The Sunday Telegraph was given a sneak preview of in a covert manner usually reserved for national secrets. But will it grow into a fashion powerhouse under its own brands? Amazon Own Fashion Brands. That could be one of the most important questions facing the industry right now as the economics of retail break down, the web gains steam and store traffic slips away. The answer starts with the eight brands Amazon already is developing into its private-label stable.

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