6 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Buying Shoes Online in Pakistan. When shopping for shoes online, many things can go wrong if you do not make a proper plan ahead of the shopping. Since you don’t go to a physical retailer where you can make the best possible judgment for your favorite footwear in real-time, the chances are likely very high that you may make a mistake particularly if you are new to the world of online shoe shopping. To make your online shopping experience a more fulfilling one, this guide may come in very handy that may help you make the best out of your decision of shopping shoes online in Pakistan.

Inaccurate Foot Measurement

Buy Shoes for Men, Women and Children OnlineThe journey of shopping for shoes online always begins with figuring out your foot size. If you don’t get it right, you will have to make a plan for reshipping the package back to the online store eventually. Thus to counter such inconvenience, you have got to measure your foot size first with a measurement tap from the tip of the toe to the backend of the heel. As you identify your foot’s correct size, you can then easily turn to size-charts to compare your shoe’s size across different brands. There are different regional and country-specific shoe-size standards followed by local and international brands. Choosing the Copy-Cat Brand. While shopping online, you might easily get cheated with the low quality of shoes. Numerous online shoe sellers claim to be genuine and trusted, which in reality are not. Perhaps you may see some eye-catching pictures randomly on the internet and want to buy ladies’ pumps shoes online for your spouse on her wedding anniversary and being end-up a reckless package on arrival. Therefore, if it is highly important to spare some time and do a little research into finding the brand that is trusted and cares for its customers. Select the online shops that have a reliable history and always go with brands that have physical stores.

Mixing up Width and Volume.

Oxygen Shoes - Shopping Online in PakistanAs finding out the right size of your foot is important, similarly the width and the volume of the shoe that befits you. Footwear that is too thin and tight or too wide may bring you great discomfort walking and even cause pain to your feet if you don’t get the right width and volume of the shoes properly figured out. Not Evaluating the Return and Exchange Policies. You might be making the mistake of not going through the brand retune and exchange policy. Typically, various brands operate as per their set up guidelines and procedures when it comes to the bouncing back of packages. Many none-reliable brands usually sell products with no proper return or replacement policies and can your shopping experience regretful. Therefore, before step into shopping for shoes online, you must give read the policy statement that is usually listed on every legitimate eCommerce store’s website.

Avoiding Looking at Details

Just like they say, the devil is in the details. While shopping for shoes online, the phrase fits in very well. It essential that you must go through all the details that are available to you on the merchant’s website. It may include going through:

– Shoe Images: When shopping for shoes online, images of the footwear are the only way you can make the best evaluation of the pair the shoe from multiple dimensions. Always turn over to online stores that display high-quality images of the products so that you can zoom in and out for checking various details like, texture, design, shads, color, stitches, and sole of the footwear.

– Reading Formal Review & Description: Word of mouth plays a huge role in the eCommerce sector and can make your life easy. In these reviews, former customers share their experiences with their satisfaction level with a particular shop fair.

– Color: Many shoes are offered in various types of colors. Thus checking up your best color of the shoe is now made possible by many online shoe sellers in Pakistan. The leading footwear brands, such as Oxygen Shoes, Bata, Urban Sole, and many other local in international brands help customers to make a detailed oriented view of the footwear before proceeding to add it to the shopping cart.

– Not Returning on Time 
Avoid the mistake of being late when you feel the need to return the shoes for whatever reason. Generally, brands in Pakistan accept returns within predefined days. Therefore, make sure you make a plan for returning the package within that timeline and let your brand’s customer service unit knows about the return accordingly.

A lot of things can go wrong if you are not fully aware of the online shoe shopping world. Wondering where to start and how to begin could be frustrating. This guide lists some common mistakes that many online consumers seem to make, like not choosing the right size, color and how different resources like images, reviews and descriptions of footwear can be exploited in a personal favor to make the best online shoes shopping decision.

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